When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1381-1382 Free Full Chapter– When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1381-1382 Free Full Chapter. “Who would have thought that the sneaky liner would be fooled? What would happen? Jason laughed.
Fabian’s eyes narrowed. Does this punk indirectly call me Smart Fox?

“Well, because you played an important role in this …” Fabian opened the drawer and pulled out the velvet box. “This is yours.”

Jason’s eyes brightened. what is that? Fabian rewarded me!

After breaking and opening the delicate box, her first word, leaving Jason’s lips, was “What?”.

There is a clock in the box. Of course, it was a Patek Philippe watch, not an ordinary Swiss watch.

They are highly sought after and worth a lot of money as they have a monopoly market. But Jason already had it.

His legs move awkwardly. “Um, Fabian? … Can I get another reward?”

“Oh? Is it OK? Fabian asked. “Look at this here.” Jason reached out in front of Fabian and showed a similarly wonderful Patek Philippe watch on her wrist. Now she smiled before Fabian said, “OK, then.” Deeply, Fabian was amused by the young and defenseless Jason, exhaled her, and reached out to receive her gift. Stop.

There was a problem. How could Fabian not know that I own Patek Philippe? Except for … is there anything unique about this?

With this idea, his arm was pulled back, as he told Fabian. How can I refuse this gift after having a hard time preparing it?

Fabian agreed and nodded. “My son. After all, getting the 9th generation of Patek Philippe is not easy. Is this the 9th generation of Patek Philippe? Then Bransondale, the “King of Watches”, got a second watch. So my watch is … the third and last of its kind?

When Jason noticed this, he was dizzy and ran almost forward to give Fabian a big dirty kiss. Fortunately, he was smart enough to fight back.

Immediately after Jason was removed from the office, Fabian’s trusted colleague immediately called back.

That’s all Yvette does.

Fabian’s dark eyes narrowed as his hard smile crossed his face. Such a distant idea. Do you really think George you hired is strong enough to fight me?

A national financial genius? Fabian snorted through his clenched chin. George was a mentally late boy who didn’t even understand the basics of stock market traps. The little boy, like Chanaeer, had the courage to assume that he could survive in the ocean.

He had to hurry back to the small puddle that came out.

Meanwhile, George sat in front of his computer with his eyes rounded and shivering. “W-Why is it? This can’t be true!

George hurt the Phoenix Group’s stock exchange, prices rose slightly before falling sharply, and Fabian suffered nearly 3 billion losses. But suddenly the price went up again. George was stunned and angry when he shouted incredibly.

“What’s wrong?” Liner’s voice grew louder from the other side of the room.
He heard her unrestrained mourning

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