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when his eyes opened chapter 1375

“Get rid of him? You just said that. Nick took a sip of his tea and continued,” He’s not dead yet. Don’t try to get rid of it. “

“Yes, I called here today to discuss this matter.” Elliott continued to look at her. “The treasure of the sixth and youngest person to swallow Kylie always gives you. Except for Jobin’s industry, which he founded himself, you can take whatever you want.”

3 horses looked at him vaguely. Jobin Industries is owned by Killy and will be handed over to Rebecca. Elliott continued to drink a cup of tea and continued, “Once the problem is resolved, I will return to Alyadel.”

“Eliot, have you really thought about it?” Nick tapped his shoulder. “Even if you do a good job with Alyadel, Kylie has a good reputation in Yonroville.

Wealth is more than your Aryadelle. As long as you stay in Rebecca, all of Kylie is yours. Your second and fourth brothers just want to return to the property of the sixth and brother, and I don’t want to touch the rest.

“Second Brother, Elliott wants to return to Alyadel, why not stop him? Do I have to? “Said Second Brother.

“I think we should also respect Elliott’s ideas. Elliott wants to return to Alyadel, so we have to help him,” said the fourth brother.

Nick glared at both of them, “After Elliott leaves, they want to split the Kyrie industry, right?”

“What you said is really ugly. Elliott, Jobin Industries rebecca it. I told you to hand it over to me. If so, please do not touch it. I hate Killy, but it’s an ancient creature that eats people and doesn’t spit out bones. Rebecca is still very young. Why can’t I leave Rebecca? The second brother smiled at the explanation.

“Yes, I won’t touch Jobin Industries, but how could Rebecca manage Jobin Industries herself after Elliott left? Maybe someone else is watching. When Rebecca leaves, we take care of her company and give her some money each year.

Elliott said, “Don’t worry, the second and fourth brothers, Lorenzo takes care of Rebecca. When Kylie died, Rebecca gradually grew. Give him time. “

Second Brother said,” Elliott, we’re definitely not going to be fooled because you said. It wasn’t easy just to kill Kylie. This is an issue that requires long-term discussion.

Elliott: “I called here just to talk to you today. I’ve reached an agreement.”
The next brother saw him: “Of course, we don’t have an opinion. Why did you decide so suddenly? Did you regain your memory?

Elliott shook his head. “I also have three children in Alyadel.”

This chapter is provided by increase. For daily updates, please visit “Only for A’s three children? Rebecca is so young that she can give birth to as many children as she wants.”

Elliott: “No.”

“What difference does that make?” You are not for kids. Are you Avery? Nick lied to him. “You are in love with Avery again.”

Elliott was silent.

“I didn’t think there was a seed that was really crazy among the brothers. The second brother kept laughing.” Why did we form an alliance? Money To earn! Elliott, it’s no wonder you quit first.

Elliott: “Don’t laugh at me. I have a hometown in a country and will definitely be back.
“In any hometown.

Leaked when his eyes opened chapter 1376 spoiler

The bankruptcy of his father forced Avery Tate to marry a great man from his stepmother.

There is a pitfall: the big guy, Elliott Foster, is in a coma. In her eyes, it was only a matter of time before she was declared a widow and expelled from her family.

Elliott suddenly awoke from a coma at the turn of a shocking event. She is dissatisfied with her marriage, attacks Avery and threatens to kill her if she has one.

“Kill her with your own hands!” He shouts. Four years later, Avery goes home with his twin brothers, boys and girls.

“Keep away from that guy, he swear to kill you two,” he said, pointing at Elliott’s face on the TV screen. Elliott’s computer is hacked that night and he is challenged by one of them to kill the twins. “come here,

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