Read When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1377-1378-1379-1380 Full Chapter– “He said he was ready to serve you with our boss. Our boss disagrees,” the guard said.

Elliott’s expression froze. “I warn you not to disturb me anymore.”

He told Avery this. It didn’t look good and I thought I couldn’t sleep well last night.
Elliott nodded, “Surgery time is set, please let me know.”


After Elliott and Ali left, Avery had breakfast. And put them down.

“Why don’t you eat?” The bodyguard saw the porridge in the bowl not moving much.

“I have no appetite.” Avery touched her stomach. “Maybe I’m a little nervous about the surgery.”

Zander gave him milk and said, “It’s okay to eat less. Everything is fine after the surgery.”

“Health. Which one is today?” Do you take a test like this? “Avery asked. Then he took milk and took a sip.

Xander told him about the checks to perform.

Upon hearing this, Avery frowned a little, “Do you need another angiography?”

Zander said, “The congestion in the brain has spread and the tumor has grown. Please try again for your safety. ‘

‘ Well, the last part of the anesthetic was still a little painful.

‘ After today’s medical examination, I take a rest two days before the surgery. I was a little frustrated. “I panicked because I should have the surgery as soon as possible. What if I write a suicide note anyway? “

Xander:” … “

Bodyguard:” Hahahaha! Zander, do you know why my boss looks like this? Because I lied to Elliott like that last night. His boss wrote a suicide note in advance because he said the surgery failure rate was quite high.

Xander: “Are you ridiculing my medical skills?”

Bodyguard: “I just wanted to make sure Elliott was taking care of my boss.”

Xander: “But you Not only did Elliott scare him, but Avery also scared him. “

Zander’s voice was calm and his cell phone rang. After confirming the caller ID, he told Avery and his bodyguard, “Go out and answer the phone.”

He left the station and answered the phone.

“Dr. Zander, I came to the hospital.” Rebecca’s voice came to the other side of the line.

Zander whispered, “Dad is sick, you have to take care of your dad first. Today I’m going to remove the embryo from his body, and it’s immediately on your body No need to be transplanted.

“My dad has to take care of someone, I don’t care.” Rebecca was a little nervous and excited: “Give it to me today. Just transplant. Dr. Zander, I think there are many dreams at night. “

At that moment, Zander’s heart beat. He hesitated and was nervous.

– Can he accept the results? A sound from the
phone, he picked it up and confirmed that it was from his girlfriend.

Xander holds Rebecca’s phone and answers her boyfriend’s phone.

“Zander, where did you go today? What do you think of me if you come back and don’t let me find you? I will tell you about the past 3 days. If you don’t return to Alyadel after three days, you’ll break up. The voice of his girlfriend sounded angry.


The phone has hung up.
Zander took a deep breath and turned on Rebecca’s call. “Mr. Jobin, if I give you a child, can you promise to take care of the child?”

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1378

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