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Social media is a bridge for users to become famous easily. One of these caused an uproar in the virtual world. So Venezolana’s viral video uploads skyrocketed until the original video link was hunted down by netizens.

Venezolana’s video went viral in the virtual world after it was widely shared on social media. This beautiful girl character has become a hot topic on various SNS such as TikTok and Twitter.

If you want to know the facts behind the Venezolana viral video, check out this discussion. The full-length video link has created a great response among netizens of social media users. And here are the facts about Venezolana’s viral video link.

Venezuela Viral

A few days ago, a video of a Venezuelan woman warning Chilean women to take care of their husbands went viral on TikTok.

The phrase in a video released by Venezuelan youth immediately sparked controversy on her social networks and angered some users.

“Chile, take care of your man, darling, the Venezuelan is coming, they will make an arepita, give him a toto… and put it out! Good luck” said the young Venezuelan in a mocking video.

A tribute video for Venezuelan youth has an interesting context. However, some TikTok users wanted a different reaction.

“Fight for a man? That’s in the past, baby” was one of the replies received on the platform by a woman identified as Lina Baez. People’s reactions didn’t stop there.

“We’ll give it to you,” “I’ll give it to you, so take your mother-in-law and sister-in-law with you,” “Please take everything!!” Reply.

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