Leak Video Ciya Viral On Tiktok & Twitter– Leak Video Ciya Viral On Tiktok & Twitter. Looking for ciyatiktok or ciyaatiktok viral videos? Then here is the complete information.

Recently, many video links have been circulating, showing that Ciya Tiktok is communicating with a man on a video call.

A vulgar scene was hidden when communicating over a video call. At that time, Ciya Tiktok behaved improperly.

Actions were inappropriate, but recently the video of Ciyaa Tiktok has really become viral and has become a netizen consumer across Indonesia.

Some videos were shared on various social media such as Twitter and Telegram. In the video, Ciyaa Tiktok performs a pretty nice action.

The eyes of the men staring at you will surely be annoyed. The content of the Ciyaa Tiktok video call with the man was enough to stimulate the man’s adrenaline.

Some netizens who have observed the behavior of Ciyaa Tiktok say they are very happy. Some people advise not to look.

Because the content of the video may blow your mind. Some netizens have advised not to spread the video any further.

netizens have proposed removing all videos showing sensitive parts of Ciya Tiktok’s body that are currently infected with the virus.

A woman named Nur Cahya clarified and confirmed that the video being disseminated belonged to her.
Nur Cahya did not deny what is being disseminated on various social media such as Twitter and Telegram to make the netizens loud.

He hopes that those who have his own personal video will not spread it further, adding to the unfavorable atmosphere of social media.

Video links will be a netizen business field

Recently, many netizens have linked to Ciya Tiktok viral videos to create business opportunities on various social media such as Twitter and Tiktok.

According to the messages in circulation, there are links to watch 12 videos with ciyaatiktok viral on various social media such as Twitter and tiktok. The Tiktok celebrity named
Ciya or Ciyaa has recently become so terrible information for netizens around the world, especially Indonesia.

curious people immediately searched for a link to Ciya’s video. Ciya’s action in the video is reported to be pretty good.

Ciyaa is making a video call with a man. Ciyaa’s video call with a man was embedded in a scene that was very difficult for the man’s eyes.

That’s why Ciya’s name is now a hot topic on both Tiktok and Twitter. Ciyaa’s actions, like videotapes, are very appealing to Adam.

Of the 12 videos recorded at different times, they were delivered via TikTok, Twitter, and Telegram.

CiyaTiktok explains and apologizes

However, by uploading to Instagram, Ciya generally apologized for spreading the lewd video.
Based on Ciya’s Instagram uploaded on Tuesday, July 12, 2022, Ciya stated that the widely shared video is an old video of him and his girlfriend.

“Hello everyone. I want to organize videos across different social media accounts such as Twitter, Telgram, Instagram, and it’s true that one of the videos was me in the past.” please.

He also publicly apologized for the distribution of inappropriate videos that caused turmoil on social media, especially among his extended families.

“I am here to offer a heartfelt apology to all of you, especially my family,” he continued.
Not only that, Ciya regretted that old videos were spread on various social media and shared by different people.

Nevertheless, Ciya prays for these people to make the most of their lives.
“For those who distribute / trade videos, I’ve learned a lot thanks to you. I hope you’re always fine and hopefully God’s protection,” he said. Said.

CiyaaTiktok Viral Video >>

There are at least 12 videos featuring Ciya characters that are widely shared on social media. The video was traded even at a nominal price of tens of thousands of rupiahs.


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